Thursday, March 12, 2015

How to Darken or Vignette the Edge of Photos in Photoshop / Lens Correction Filter

Tutorial 3:

If you want to add a little interest or intensity to an image, a vignette the perfect way to bust out. It brings more attention to the main subject of an image or just to give photos a little more warmth and personality. You can create this effect in photoshop CS2 or later to accomplish this tutorial.

Adobe introduced us to the Lens Correction filter. This filter's main purpose is to help us remove common problems that can be created by camera lenses, such as barrel distortions, chromatic aberration and vignetting. It's a great addition to Photoshop's ever growing collection of photo editing tools, but there's no rule that says you have to use Photoshop the way the folks at Adobe intended. Also the same filter is designed to remove dark edges from a photo also happens to be a great tool to add it too.

Lets start it here.

This would be the photo i would be working on:

Step 1:

Open your photo in photoshop CS 5 or whichever the version you are using. Double click the background layer and rename it to "Layer 0"

Step 2:

Before we darken the edges or vignetting it. First we have to duplicate the original layer so there will be no damage to the original layer.

Step 3:

Apply the lens correction filter. With selected "Layer 2" in the layer palette, Highlighted with blue color. 
Go to the Filter menu at the top of screen, select lens correction. 

Step 4:

Lens correction dialogue box will be opened. Set values of vignette and midpoint according to your photo. After applying adjestments, click ok.

Step 5:

Set the opacity of "Layer 2", on which we have applied the "Lese correction" to 85% or according to your own choice, how dark or light you want the borders to be. 


Here is the final output of the simple tutorial.

This is how you can make your photos more promminent and enhanced. 

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